About Us


We are ex-wireless people that understand the lifecycle of phones and the practices used by carriers to retain customers with contracts or monthly phone payments. Today, more than ever, we are dependent on our mobile devices. These devices connect to more than just the 4G network and we love showing our customers how to connect to all the new home and car automation that is available today and is right around the corner. 

We believe in repairing your device ethically, honestly, and with integrity. We will not cut corners like some of our competitors by leaving out critical components of the screen assembly. We use OEM grade products to maintain the higest level of quality.

All our technicians are industry trained in the device's they work on. Technician's certified to work on computers does just that. Technician's certified to work on phones, just works on phones. they are masters of the craft in their respective field of study, we employ both.

Bottom line

We treat every device as if it were our own.